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Austrian Hussars uniform (11st Szekler Husaren) around 1809. Second hand.

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    1 090,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


For height 190 cm and weight 87 kg - Size about 50-52 suitable even for smaller man (180-190) (with longer sleeves and longer trousers).
Good condition except sash, but globally not ads well finished as our own productions.
Pelisse lined with synthetic fur, no lining on front of sabretashe, very plain cartridge box....
Made in Czech republic.

Price includes -Dolman- chest size 118 cm, waist size 100 cm
-Pelisse (sadly with not real sheepskin): slightly bigger than dolman as you can wear it ON dolman
-Breeches- Waist size 96 cm
-Sash (bad condition, but usable.)
-Giberne (cartridge box)
-Hussars boots with austrian cord:around 44-45 (are made to measure-so it is dificult to tell exactly)
-Shako with austrian cord: head size is about 57-58
-Red officer´s sword belt with sabretasche with FJI.monogram.

No sword included in price