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Captain aide de camp. Second hand uniform without boots and mannequin. BONUS, EXTRA TROUSERS IN IMPERIAL BLUE WOOL

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This complete uniform was a major symbol of our shop and different exhibitions years long.
We replace some elements.
Mr Gardette - 1,80 m tall - a well known re enactor made it for himself more than 25 years ago.
It looks like a real one, because he used it riding horses, sleeping outside while tooking part to many re enactments.
There is a large pale grey stain on trousers, except this, uniform is in good condition

Price incudes

Dolman chest size 96 cm.
Medal of Legion d'honneur, chevalier.
Fatigue cap size 59 cm, with old embroidered thunder symbol.
Armband for staff officers, attributed to général de division (new)
Trousers in basin(mixed cotton and wool) waist size 80 cm, very specific summer type .

Black belt with specific goldplated buckles of staff officer

Sabre vendémiaire an XII type.

All this uniform was made with a great search of highest quality in all details.
We add to uniform, other trousers in dark marine wool, side with gold braids (soubise), unfortunately drilled by moths on front.
This was used in winter by former owner, same size as off white one

Caution, possible extra shipping cost for shipping out of France or Belgium.

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