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Les guerres de Vendée constituent un épisode sombre de la période révolutionnaire.

Le général Tureau adresse à la convention la terrible dépêche :"Si nos intentions sont bien secondées, il n'existera plus dans la Vendée, sous quinze jours, ni maisons, ni subsistances, ni armes, ni habitants". C'est un génocide avant l'invention du terme

  • Tenue du Prince De Talmont

    Made for the wedding of a customer from Vendée.
    Note sacred heart of Jesus on breast, white cockade on hat and lilly on buckle, all signs of "chouans"
    Picture in nature by Angeline Mattiocco

    For price quote, contact us

    No information on delivery time

  • Big felt hat, BLACK OR BROWN, to make bicorns, "chouans" hats...etc

    Make your musketeer's hat in 5 minutes!

    Ingredients: a flexible hat, two feathers (peacock's at the moment), a needle and thread.

    Stage 1: take your flexible hat (big wide-brimmed hat)

    Stage 2: roll one of the edges of the hat and fix with a stitch.

    Stage 3: sew feathers, then pull down(reduce) the other edge of the hat and fix with a third and last stitch.

    Your hat is ready!

    57,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Felt hat for farmer, priest, chouan (royalist insurgent)

    Very interesting base used to make many different types of hats, especially tricorns

    55,00 €


  • Tricorn in limp felt

    One size fits all
    3 colors.
    Uable for peasant or pirate from XVII th to beginning of XIXth century

    19,90 €


  • Shirt Morgane Chouannerie

    Cotton and linen shirt.
    The shape of this shirt is not quite Empire but the fabric and the collar suit quite well if you want to wear it under a jacket.

    32,90 €


  • Transformation option for the shirt Morgane in Empire style

    Alright, it's not right to sale that kind of shirt for re-enactment but the shirt Morgane is made of a thin and fine fabric that takes very little space underneath the outfit.
    What's more, the part that you can see (the collar) has the right cut.
    So as long as you don't remove the jacket or the vest everything is alright.
    And usually you don't take off your clothes on a battlefield (or during a ball).
    At the bivouac you can put on an overall, much thicker.

    1,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • 2033 "grand father" shirt

    Normally not for napoleonic era, bus so many re enactors used them for this period that we sell these shirts also.
    It is thin and does not take too much place under your jacket.

    32,90 €


  • Shirt joachim, ref 2093

    Ideal cloth for this shirt, can boil, fresh in summer, keep warmth in winter.
    Caution, on a tight jacket, can be a bit too thick to feel comfortable, but extremely pleasant on camps....after the battle!

    30,90 €


  • Sacred heart of jesus

    Favourite symbol of "chouans", it shows the tradition of peasants from Cholet region to traditionnal believings "God and the King". 85 mm high x 70mm large. Made in our atelier

    6,90 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Civilian male cloth

    Indicated price is for a jacket made with standard melton, buttons covered with cloth.

    570,00 €

    No information on delivery time


  • Rifle, 1777 type, from manufacture de saint etienne

    A very resembling replica of the regulation rifle for the Empire infantrymen. This rifle equipped with its bayonet will be useful for begining reenactors (it doesn't shoot), for an extremely attractive price. Size 140 cm, baionett size 51 cm. Rifle + baionette size(when on gun) = 181 cm. Weigth 2,6 kg. Precedent price: 129 €


    134,80 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Pistol based on officers' pistols, replica

    The colouring of the metal makes this weapon look very realistic, although it cannot shoot. Tucked in the belt, it will fool many, and will also be appreciated as a gift by the Empire enthusiasts (for Christmas, Father's Day,... )

    59,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs