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Breastplate for carabinier, First Empire, officer, covered with brass. Price without helmet melton bordered by braid

  1. 850,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


To offer a better protection to his heavy cavalry, Napoleon equiped some regiments with breastplates and helmets as cuirassiers and carabiniers.
Officers normally received breastplates covered with a sheet of copper, but some prefered brass.
This is what we propose now. Price does not include inside border in melton with silver braid

"Standard" size, we won't offer different sizes.
Quite good for a mannequin.
You can complete breastpalte by following accessories:
La fraise: https://fr.empirecostume.com/fraise-pour-cuirasse-d-officier-de-carabinier-prix-c350-t1-a14372.htm
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