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Double disc cutlass, 1780 type, usable for fight.

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Made from an original type that you can see in our exhibition in Dinard.
Used by British marine, American marine till independance, and french marine during revolution when they captured some.
And why not by Caribbean pirates?

Steel hilt cutlass with double-disc guard.
Both discs are slightly dished.
The quillon is just appearent and rolled at the terminal.
The grip is tubular iron.
The tang is flat.

Very plain scabbard, as it was, because these sabres were kept in secure rooms inside boats, to avoid mutiny.
All guard is slightly oxydized to give it same aspect as 200 yeras ago.
Just clean excess of oxydization with some oil on a cotton cloth to protect your nice costumes.
Very pleasant to handle, this is a basic weapon, very functionnal and with an unusual raw appearence.

Total length 85 cm, blade 73 cm.
Weight without scabbard: 869 gr
Weight with scabbard: 996 gr

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