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Empire pistols, rifles and baionetts

We propose copies for low prices, made with "looking like" iron and sometimes approximative, they will fit beginners in re-enactment and actors for theatre and even movies. These copies at not at all usable to shoot!

We sometimes find also genuine napoleonic rifles and pistols.
We can ship them to your country, but we don't know your regulations and cannot know all regulations in the world. So inform you before you pass an order. In any case we will keep shipping cost and if your order is kept by custom office, it will be your own problem.

Caution: real SHIPPING COSTS for rifles are quite more expensive than our fixed shipping prices.
You can order it with no additive cost from countries bordering France. For other countries ask us, shipping cost for USA is for instance 91 € and usual fixed price is 45 €, so you have to pay 46 € more.
Use this link to pay,

  • Mortimer pistol, Deluxe version. Davide Pedersoli

    Original pistols were marked in two lines H.W. MORTIMER & SON LONDON / GUN MAKERS TO HIS MAJESTY and our reproductions maintained all the technical and ballistic characteristics, with thanks to the production of mechanical parts made with numerical control machines, quality is assured.
    The breech hook chromed barrel is perfectly aligned with the upper part of the wood, featured with a “saw grip”, checkered, that grant the shooter a continous steady grip for the best aiming of the target.
    The conical ramrod with horn tip gives an elegant detail in the sober contrast of one of the most beautiful replicas on the market.
    The Deluxe version is enriched with engravings in the style of the English school, with exact copies of the original patterns, with gold inlays on the barrel.
    The pistol is produced with selected walnut stock, the metal parts are coin finish colour and the barrel is rust brown colour finished.

    750,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Rifle, 1777 type, from manufacture de saint etienne

    A very resembling replica of the regulation rifle for the Empire infantrymen. This rifle equipped with its bayonet will be useful for begining reenactors (it doesn't shoot), for an extremely attractive price. Size 140 cm, baionett size 51 cm. Rifle + baionette size(when on gun) = 181 cm. Weigth 2,6 kg. Precedent price: 129 €


    137,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Display for 1 sabre/katana/pistol

    Very useful to show your collection.

    8,90 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Display for 2 sabres/katanas/pistols

    Very useful to show your collection.

    9,90 €


  • Display for 3 sabres/katanas/pistols

    Very useful to show your collection.

    11,90 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Flint for Charleville

    25 mm long
    15 to 20 mm large (depending of deliveries).

    2,20 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Pistol wearing the emperor's coat of arms

    An interesting replica of a pistol from the Empire period, this non-functioning weapon will fool a lot of people. The metal and the other materials used make it look very realistic. Neat ornaments for a modest price. A good idea to make a present for the Empire enthusiasts.

    49,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Pistol based on officers' pistols, replica

    The colouring of the metal makes this weapon look very realistic, although it cannot shoot. Tucked in the belt, it will fool many, and will also be appreciated as a gift by the Empire enthusiasts (for Christmas, Father's Day,... )

    55,00 €

    2 to 4 weeks' delivery time


  • Rifle cleaning set

    All necessary to clean your rifle.

    25,00 €


  • Crucifix tool for musket

    Very useful to clean, put screw on an off...

    14,50 €


  • Mousqueton for mousquet 16 x 10 cm

    Steel buckle used to attached the "mousquet" on the back of the rider. It allows to pass promptly the rifle from back to front.

    39,95 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Rifle strap for 1777 type

    To carry rifle, strong leather with bronze buckle, regulation type

    39,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


  • 1777 type pistol.

    Light cavalry pistol, used from Louis XVI till very beginning of Empire.
    Many stamps, perfect condition.
    Can be used for shooting, but cleaning rode is lost, sold with flint.

    Weight 1317 gr, length 34 cm

    1 275,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Cavalry pistol, an XIII type

    Functional, some wood lacking or cracked(see pictures), canon oxudized. In perfect condition this weapon would cost between 1300 to 1500 €.
    Engraved "Manuf Imp De St Etienne", Canon " B 1813", on other metal parts "G crowned" and "D topped by a star".
    Length 35 cm. PRECEDENT PRICE 810 €

    740,00 €


  • Fusil 1777 modified , Saint Etienne, sold

    Infantry rifle used during Napoleonic period.
    Stamps on metal parts
    M re Imp le de St Etienne
    Very good condition

    Functional! But need to be tested if you want to use it with black powder

    Weight(with strap): 4170 gr, total length 1415 mm, canon 1025 mm.

    Just a little bit more expensive than a functional copy!

    1 210,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Scabbard for Charleville baionette

    Total length : 41 cm

    29,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • French musket sling buckle


    5,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Rifle 1777 type, modified an IX - Manufacture Royale de Charleville 1816

    Metal in good condition except deeper rust on "embouchoir".
    Sold without rod.
    Many stamps as Manufacture Royale de Charleville

    Canon 1134 mm long stamped 1777 for type and 1816 for manufacturing date.

    Some small holes in wood, but never repaired and with control circle in perfect condition.
    Functional! But need to be tested if you want to use it with black powder.

    1 230,00 €

    Out of stock