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Italie/france: grand cordon de l'ordre de la couronne de fer, with crowns, delivery 2 months

  1. From 183,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


When created, on june 5th 1805, the " grand cordon", attributed to first 20 dignitaries, was embroidered with 3 crowns, head of the emperor in the middle.
Very quickly, this "grand cordon" was used without these crowns to suspend the jewel of the 35 dignitaries finally created after 29 th december 1807.
We suppose that dignitaries who had first grand cordon with crowns kept it and added first the jewel at extremity when it appeared.
So we propose it with or without jewel.

Where the ribbon is cut, cloth appears slightly iridescent on pictures, it is not so obvious when you wear it, and ribbon is quite new, this aspect will fade out progressively.

Dimensions :
largeur : 11 cm
longueur, de la couture épaule jusqu'au bout du cordon : 80 cm
et de la couture épaule jusqu'au nœud : 70 cm
Donc la longueur du cordon sans compter la partie du nœud : 140 cm