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Martinet: les uniformes du premier empire

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The publisher named Martinet (or Martinet-Hautecoeur), published during the 19th century a huge number of different kind of uniforms sequels. Napoleon's army was well represented all along the First Empire, a lot of artists and editors represented the Great Army regiments.
The serie the most complete that has been published under the First Empire was the one edited by Martinet, constituted of 339 plates gathered under the title : «Galerie des enfants de mars, offrande à sa Majesté l’Impératrice et Reine».

The book presented by Les Éditions du Canonnier contains the entire collection of 339 plates representing the different regiments and uniforms varieties all along the First Empire untill the Cent-jours, as well as 30 reproductions of originals watercolors.

This unique book, gathers for the first time since the original publication, the most complete ensemble ever constituted. It gathers Prince of Moskowa's collection (from the early XX° century), madame Anne Brown's collection and Raoul and Jean Brunon's collection and some private collections.

500 pages printed in quadrichromy on Munken Print Extra 150 gr paper. This work is the reunion of 339 plates added to 927 variation plus 29 original watercolors.
33 x 24,5 cm