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Original diploma (1793) of croix de veterance one copy of decoration

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We found this original diploma in an old collection.
We thought that it would be interesting to sell it with our nices copies of this decoration.
Size of diploma: 270 X 340 mm

On top, printed "LIBERTÉ, EGALITE" and then hand written...ou la mort!

Then: gendarmerie "de France" or "départementale", hard to read.

Diploma on a ship skin, attributed on july 1793 to soldier Jean François Chevaneu (?), by minister of war, Bouchotte, who signed

Created on 16 th april by king Louis XV for "bas officiers" for 24 years in the army.

Medaillon: oval, 50 x 43 mm. Gold on scarlet velvet.
Jean Theurel (1699-1807) received 3 medallions for 72 years in the army! He died 108 years old and received also légion d'honneur on 10th march 1807.