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Sabre oriental style with damascus blade and gold inscriptions, very last sample! Sold in 24 h

  1. 930,00 €

    Out of stock

I sell my personal sample, the one that was used as sample to make our limited serie of 12 pieces in 2015.
Travelling in India, we were lucky enough to find craft workers who work as 1000 years ago.
Blade are made folding metal many time, it gives strength to the metal that is also especially sharp.
Inscriptions in arabic are made with real gold wire, inserted inside metal with a small mallet, after digging thin lines with a small gouge.
Scabbard extremities are made in silverplated and chiselled metal. Silver is new and shiny but will progressively become grey as an old sabre.

Mamelouk leaded Egypt when Bonaparte arrived in this country.
He was very impressed by the courage of these soldiers and brought some with him in France for his personal guard. Mamelouks fought in famous battles as Austerlitz.
Many french officers liked mamelouk sabres and ordered sabres inspired by oriental production.
Weight 1730 gr.Total length 93 cm, blade 76 cm.
Caution! This one has a black handle, instead of brown!