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Salade maximilienne

  1. 169,00 €

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Salade à soufflet

Near the end of 15th century sallets began a transformation into the shapes known as "transitional" which have arrived to our days with impressive pieces that show the reluctancy of this effective design to just disappear. Specifically, this sample is based on a piece known as A72 from the Wallace Collection dated on 1520 and which construction is attributed to be a job from the north of Italy. This sallet, that probably was used with a gorget without bevor, belonged to the collection of the Count of Nieuwerkerke and was acquired by Sir Richard Wallace in 1871. Besides all of this was painted by Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc on its “Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages”. A celebrity of transitional sallet.

Made of 2mm steel with 1,6mm steel facial. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing. The steel is untreated and may have rust. To protect the steel you may rub it
with mineral or synthetic oil.

No returns will be accepted due to these issues.

Leather chin strap included.

Size M = 60~61 cm Perimeter
Size L = 63~64 cm Perimeter

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