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Second hand jacket "Petite tenue de general de divison" for cavalry. Price without hat

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    2 400,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


Not the most impressive type, but however shiny!
When in campaigns, marshalls did not appreciate to wear fragile and uncomfortable cloths, that were also excellent targets for "snippers".
So, they used to wear simplified uniforms.
When we sold this jacket for the first time, some years ago, embroiderered grenades of turnbacks did not please us, so we added new embroideries on bottom of turnbacks. Some embroideries are slightly different of our usual drawings, anyway this jacket remains an impressive re-creation, even if not as perfect as our production claim to be.
Price includes epaulettes, as new, jacket, and 2 decorations: Légion d'honneur and Swedish one with angels (Séraphins de Suède).
For chest size 100-104 cm, waist size 100 cm, sleave length 59 cm. Not good for tall people (more than 175 cm)
Used maybe twice, good condition.

There are no embroideries on and around pockets, considering that this part is hidden most of the time by sash and many other things, it is not an great loss.
Embroideries are 6 cm large as indicated by regulation.
Only difference with common general jackets is shape of embroideries on cuffs, similar to hussar jackets.
Eugene de Beauharnais had such a jacket, you can sometimes see it in La Malmaison.