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Small quiver, arms trophy brass or cupper

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    6,00 €


We cleaned three types that we provide, first item on global picture is the one described as "Arms trophy with big quiver".
We usually deliver it as on other pictures, you can clean it or not, depending of the use.

Consulat and Empire where periods of constant wars. People were very interseted by greek and roman civilization.
Scabbards for sabres, furnitures, were often decorated with nice symbols of victory.
Some are made in brass, some in copper. 120 MM HIGH

Ces décorations représentent des allégories de la victoire, soit la victoire ailée, soit des trophées d'armes tels que les romains les figuraient sous formes d'amoncellement de casques, lances, cuirasses, casques....etc. Elles sont estampées dans des alliages dont la teneur peut être très riche en cuivre, donc presque rouge, ou d'une couleur proche de l'or.