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Soon new Sabre oriental style with damascus blade and golden inscriptions

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    Out of stock

We soon propose a new type, we sell the sample that we kept from last production.
Travelling in India, we were lucky enough to find craft workers who still work as 1000 years ago.
Blade are made folding metal many times, giving strength to it.
Damascus is locally cleared up..but still nice.
Inscriptions in arabic and floral design are made in golden colour.
Entry of scabbard is opened on side to allow very curved blade to move inside of it.

Mamelouk leaded Egypt when Bonaparte arrived in this country.
He was very impressed by the courage of these soldiers and brought some with him in France for his personal guard. Mamelouks fought in famous battles as Austerlitz.
Many French officers liked Mamelouk sabres and ordered sabres inspired by oriental production.
Weight 1534 gr.Total length 85 cm, blade 70 cm.

Our supplier delivered some sabres on which scabbards were a little bit too tight.
We modified this, but blades are locally slightly whitened. You can keep them like this or use a mix of oil and white powder as to clean old katana blades.
Only 2 for sale, no other will be produced from this limited issue.
Now we pay not only in proportion of weight, but also of volume.
So shipping cost is, most of the time, much more higher than 45 € automatically added at the end of your order.
Please ask us, to know the real shipping cost that you have to pay, before you pay.
Orders that will not respect this information can be cancelled.