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Uniform for aide de camp, made on less than a week end!!!

  1. 2 026,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Simplified jacket used for instance, with different colours by" ingénieur géographe", a great proportion of "aide de camp", and many other troops. This uniform was also used by infantry of the guard instead of "grand uniform".

Our belgian customer arrived on friday afternoon at 2 pm, we took his measures.
As he was visiting our nice country (Saint Malo, Dinan and Mont Saint Michel in less than 50 mn driving), we prepared the uniform. He came back on saturday at 2 pm, and then after a few last improvements he was able to take away his complete uniform.

We sometimes do this kind of performance. It is possible when the whole body does not need embroideries. We did the same for a general uniform, but the "petite tenue de campagne", which needs embroideries only on collar and cuffs, and we made these parts before...

Price includes :
Frac with turnbacks ornaments, buttons and epaulettes straps: 840 €
Trousers with gold braid: 237 €
Bicorne with white plume, cockade, button, braid : 449 €
Epaulettes : 360 €
Total : 1886 € without waistcoat