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Uniform: Grande tenue de payeur de la garde, price for complete uniform, except boots and mannequin.

  1. 3 200,00 €

    Out of stock

I sell my personnal uniform, used in many re enactments and even in a movie (see picture near emperor).
I will now play civilian roles.
What seduced me in the first place with the paymaster of the guard, is its highly unusual aspect.
A mix of gold and silver that is unique in the way it was done at this period.

Belt is made with old republican guar leather, and silver buckles.
I transformed a genuine sword, adding a key and an eagle, symbols of payeur.

All this is in good condition, my former job was dry cleaner...In a precedent life.

Price if new:
Frac chest size 108 cm: 4300 €.
Aiguillette : 279 €
Waistcoat embroidered in silver: 850 €
Bicorn 340 €
Sword with swordknot: 500 €
Belt: 600 €
Trousers in looking like leather, for waist size 100 cm (at navel level): 205 €