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Here we will list all suppliers who received money and stopped to deliver anything after a while.
Most of the time, process is the same.
These companies are usually in india or Pakistan.
You first pass some small orders, then volume increase if quality is OK, and you pass a big order, transfer money....and nothing arrives then.
The owners think that they are far away, justice is slow and complicated for foreigners, so they think that they have few chances to be condamned.
Is it a reason to accept this and permit them to continue to steal other customers? I say NO!
I will publish now name, address and pictures of these suppliers to prevent them to swindle other customers.
This way I think that they will be unable to sell anything in re enactment for a long time....a kind of efficient justice.

  • GARG and his son ADDITYA, supplier of shakos and helmets, MSC, NEW DELHI, INDIA...TO AVOID

    I worked with these people years long and stopped because quality was not regular.
    Last summer they pressed me to work with them again and invited me to the son's wedding in november, I accepted to try again.
    I transfered 5000 $ in december 2017 for an order of helmets and shakos, nothing was sent then, except a parcel that I refused because invoice was indicating 2 haversacs at 2500 $ each! I finally obtain a small part of my order in june after I published a first award on this"wall of shame", and then nothing. Helmets paid by me arrive now to my competitors

    Cup is full! I warn all re enactors and all suppliers of re enactors to avoid to order anything to these dishonnest people.
    May all gods damn them.

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