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Visiting our store is discovering a unique place.

Unique by the choice it offers to re-enactors and collectors our 700m2 building dedicates 250m2 to the shop : clothing, accessories and pieces of furniture to make your own creations.
You will find middle-age helmets, swords, rapiers and sabres but also some documentation, fabric, trimmings, pewter ware, etc...

Unique because we are our own manufacturers. Our goal is not to sale finished products only, that's why we are able to give you some advice that other can't (or won't).

Unique by the quantities that we buy to our suppliers for our own fabrications, and for yours. These quantities allow us to obtain very competitive prices. You can also take advantage of the great deals we are always seeking for.
We can provide new, second-hand and even antique items for re-enactment and collectors of militery antiques.

RUE DES FRÈRES BOUSSAC is unknown by most of GPS.


Or better: PRINT ACCESS MAP easy to find on our website:http://en.empirecostume.com/plan.php

We are situated in Dinard, a very pleasant town, which still has many traces from the Belle époque when it was a famous seaside resort.
10km from there you can visit St Malo (privateer city). Dinard is less than an our drive from the Mont Saint Michel and Fort la Latte
Saint Malo train station is 12km from our store and there is a direct line to Paris.
Pleurtuit's airport is 3km from us and provides flights to London thanks to Ryanair.
If you want to sleep in Dinard, you have a very large choice. You can choose a clean 2 stars hotel, "l'hôtel des tilleuls":
Tel: 02 99 82 77 00. fax :02 99 82 77 55 well located with very reasonable prices. Say that you are recommanded by Antikcostume, and you can sometimes have special rates

But you can choose over a hole range of hotels going from 2 to 5 stars (Grand Hotel de Dinard)

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