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Measurement sheet

All uniforms and civilian costumes made at your size,
will be done according to the measurements that you will send to us.

If these measurements are wrong, our production will not fit you.

Best way to obtain best result is to visit us, and so we will take your real measurements...
We live in a very nice place, near Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel.

You can also send us a cloth at your ACTUAL size, that we will send you back
and will permit to verify if your mesurements sheet is OK.

Caution, send something that has no value, because we will pay custom fees if you live out of EEC,
and you also, when we will send it back.

Anyway, we will never modify for free any production made at your indicated sizes, if they are wrong.

As long as tailors existed, best way to obtain a nice work, at your size,
was to visit the tailor for delivery in case of any adjustment.

To provide us with the different measurements necessary to create your costume, you can download a PDF file or fill in the following form.

Your name, e-mail address and the name and date of the event are required to prevent any mistake.

Your details

Name and date of the event

Your measurements

Take your measurements by holding the tape measure horizontally and loosely.

Measurements :

Measure it 1 cm (0.4 inch) above the ears

Measure it by taking into consideration that you need to add the thickness of a finger for comfort

Measure from the back across the shoulders

For women: horizontally at the tips of the breasts
For men: horizontally at the broadest part

At the broadest part (biceps)

Bend your arm

Bend your arm

At the navel

10 to 12 cm (4 to 5 inches) above the navel

At the broadest part

At the broadest part

At the broadest part

From the waist to the bottom of the trousers

From the crotch to the bottom of the trousers

From the clavicle to the length desired for the front of the jacket

Head included

Just to have an idea of your build (optional)

From the base of the nape of the neck to the waist (opposite the navel)

From the waist (opposite the navel) to the bottom of the jacket

From the base of the neck to the armhole