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Archer, fin XIV début XV ème gambison.

  1. 119,00 €


Gambesons were an extremely common sight on Medieval battlefields. They could be worn both over a mail shirt, or under it. They could even be used as a stand alone armour in their own right, and quite often they were. Our gambesons are constructed with an inner lining and outer shell of 100% cotton. They are padded with layers of woolen blankets. This model features an open front with wooden button closures. The armpits are open and stitched with leather.

Ce modèle comporte un devant ouvert avec des fermetures en bois recouvert de tissu.
Il correspond à un modèle d'archer porté à partir de la fin du XIVème jusqu'au milieux du XVème.

Très belle fabrication GDFB.

Taille Longueur Tour de poitrine
M 82 cm 100 cm
L 85 cm 110 cm
XL 87 cm 120 cm
XXL 90 cm 130 cm