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Leather baldric, bronze buckle for right handed. LIMITED SERIE IN THICK BLACK LEATHER

  1. 57,00 €


Le mode d'accrochage des épées présente de nombreuses variantes au moyen age, les baudriers proposés ici ne sont pas très représentatifs de la période, mais pour porter des armes dans le style William Wallace, ça le fait!

Not for napoleonic re enactment.
Interesting for insurgents or pirates for instance, very useful for many periods in fact.

Width 5,5 to 6 cm.
Buckles 8 X 6,5 cm, can change of some mm depending of arrivals.

Standard size allows to have sabre/sword at level of belt.
For people of unusual size (height...or belly) XL is globally 30 cm longer, so you sabre/sword arrives 15 cm lower.
Caution, XL sizes are rarely on stock and delivery time can reach 4 to 8 weeks.

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