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Colletin rivete plat pour bacinet

  1. 108,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Colletin de mailles rivetées plates ; acier naturel, léger, section de fil 1,6mm, diamètre intérieur des anneaux : 9mm : poids : 2 kgs

Ces colletins s’adaptent sur tous les bacinets de type G.D.F.B.

An aventail is a mail curtain that was attached to the lower edge of a helmet. This protected the neck and the uppper shoulder area depending on the length of the mail. Often times there was padding worn underneath the mail as is seen on various Medieval effigies.Brass edge dagged - Flat Ring Wedge Rivets - Stiched on Leather - Ready to be attached to Bascinets.

Our aventail is totally made by hand. Each ring is first flattened and then they are interlinked in small sections. These small sections are first riveted with wedge rivets before these sections are joined together to make an aventail. Each aventail is then checked for fitting with a bascinet before it gets stitched to a leather by hand.

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