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Uniform of tsar Nicolas II, not for re enactment

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We had very good documents to make a copy of a tsar uniform, but no time, not a large budget, and it was not for re enactment.
So, for non specialists it fits, bit we don't consider it as a re enactment uniform.

A survivor of imperial house of Russia, Grand duke Vladimir Kirillovitch Romanov live most of the time, from 1922 to 1992, in Saint Briac, a small town (1991 inhabitants now).
John Kerry, who was candidate to presidence of USA in 2004, lived also very often in Saint Briac, where his family (Forbes) has a house.
History could have place as leaders of 2 most powerful countries of the world, 2 men who lived in this small town, 8 km from my office....But it did not happen!