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Embroidered napoleonic ornaments

Some companies from Pakistan ( and especially one: F.E.C.), have stolen pictures of our productions, on our website, and pretends to be our suppliers, they lie!
These crooks harass our customers indicating that they did all uniforms from our website, even some that our customers could see on process in our atelier, with absolutely no embroideries.
These persons are very efficient using internet, but quality of their work is not at the same level, and you are not sure to get the fruit of your money.
If they were living in France our lawyer would take care of them, but Pakistan is far away and his justice "a bit different" from here.
Please don't give any help to these crooks by transmitting their address and publishing them on your wall.
We cannot accept people who have them as "friends" on Facebook for instance, because they harass then our own friends with hundreds of spams.
Remember: we work only with one supplier, and this supplier works only for us!

WE CAN REPRODUCE ANY TYPE, see actual production!