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Napoleonic sabres and rifles.

Me make copies from genuine pieces with the help of specialists and collectors, enjoy our exclusive reproductions!
Sometimes we also propose some genuine Napoleonic weapons, don't miss nice opportunities.
Under this heading you can find the Napoleonic soldier's basic weapons such as the Infantry Sabre Briquet or the Cutlass Sabre, but also some very fine weapons outstandingly replicated down to the markings matching exactly those of that time.
See our hussar sabres, especially all our sabres with blue and gold blades as our sabre for officer of chasseur a cheval de la garde, choosen by Ridley Scott to equip Joachin Phenix in movie Napoleon.

CAUTION: Many people try to copy our production.
We work only with one supplier for luxury sabres and swords, and this supplier works only for us.
Some other suppliers buy one sample of our production, take pictures and claim that they can make the same, they say they are our suppliers...they lie and are quite unableo make same productions, many details are not respected. If you want to buy to these people, you will surely be deceived.

Caution: real SHIPPING COSTS for some pieces are quite more expensive than our fixed shipping prices.
For any delivery out of EEC, you have to ask us before you finish to pass your order to know what will be the exact shipping cost that you have a pay.
All orders that do not respect this condition can be cancelled.
We cannot know all international regulations.
So before you pass an order, verify that it is legal to import the type of weapon that you have chosen.
If your parcel is kept at the entry of your country, we won't accept any claim, and in any case we will keep shipping cost if your parcel is sent back.