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Helmets and breastplates from 1st and 2nd Empire

Copies in limited production, and sometimes antics.
Helmets have been developped with one supplier who woks only with us.
We find pictures of these helmets on other websites, they will never received them!

We propose only helmets that existed!
You will find no helmets made with parts of different helmets, assembled to create something looking partly like rare helmets.
When we make copies, we make them well, so that you will not be ridiculous if you show these helmets to specialists.

  • Carabinier helmet, troop, Empire period, only one on stock

    Maybe the most beautiful helmet made under the Empire
    It would have been a shame not to produce any copy of this very rare accessory, worn by an elite.
    Made in brass and steel.

    Carabinier wore this helmet and a steel breastplate covered with a brass sheet for the troop.
    Our helmet is made from an original model.
    Note the chinscales with their particularly nice scales, star bocettes on a radiant background.

    Our precedent supplier stopped his activity.
    The company who bought his activity want to work only with us, this is the first sample.

    590,00 €


  • Helmet for trooper: dragoon of line, 4 th reg. Old copy renewed

    Old panther style band.
    Main part made from an old fireman helmet.
    Crest is an old copy. We added new inside in leather and canva, chinscales, bocettes and plume holder and a very long horsehair

    450,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Front of helmet of garde du corps du roi restauration (copy)

    Nice plate with motto of Louis XIV th: « NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR ». Height 16,5 cm, large 32 cm.


    149,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Horse tails, greasy touch

    Bad tanning.
    We don't send out of France


    From 79,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Horse guard helmet, copy

    Stell and brass, nice copy, only one for sale.

    280,00 €

    Out of stock

  • Display for breastplate + helmet

    Made in wood.
    Very useful to show sets Helmet + breastplate.
    Total height: 115 cm

    73,00 €

    4 to 8 weeks' delivery time


  • Display for helmets and hats

    Quite interesting to present your helmets and hats.
    Red vernished wood.
    Height: 36 cm, base diametre: 19,5 cm. Top Diametre: 9,5 cm

    15,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs