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Plumes, plume holders and feathers

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  • White or red plume 43 cm

    43 cm, very flexible type.
    Red is good for bearskin hat for grenadier à pied de la garde...the "grognard"

    129,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


  • Ostrich feathers - 25-30 cm - price by one

    Smaller and cheaper than our usual feathers.

    3,00 €


  • Ostrich feather, BLACK, 50-60 cm -Price by one

    We bought a hugh amount of ostrich feathers, at a very interesting price.
    We kept some but have so much of them that we sell some at a very interesting price.
    White feathers are the most expensive. Only best samples are kept in white colour, others are dyed.
    Such white feathers cost usually 12 €!

    3,90 €

    Out of stock

  • Long feathers for generals and field marshalls, indicated price is for one feather.

    55 cm long, you need 6 feathers to border a first Empire hat!
    Very low stock, you can eventually have to wait 6 weeks maximum to receive your order.
    White colour is for marshalls and "généraux commandant en chef", black for others

    From 32,00 €


  • Red cockfeather plume : 12 or 18 or 24 cm

    Assembled on one wood stem and a metal one.

    From 49,00 €


  • Plume 3 colours 12 or 24 cm

    Monté sur une tige en bois, fixation par 2 lamelles, une en bois, une en métal

    From 55,00 €


  • Plume holder

    3 cm high, 2 cm diametre inside in upper part. Gold or silver

    15,00 €


  • Ostrich feathers

    Many colours can be supplied.
    If you cannot order one size or one colour, it is only because we don't supply it or we are out of stock.
    For different colours, contact us.
    30-40 cm feathers are more "dense" and strong than 40 cm long feathers.

    From 2,50 €


  • Plumes de faisan, prix a l'unite - copie

    Plumes de faisan, pour chapeaux civils.

    2,90 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Plumes de paon, oeil ou sabre

    Symbole de vanité (et il n'a pas tort l'animal, il est beau), le paon n'a pas toujours eu bonne réputation.
    Mais quelles plumes splendides!
    Nous vous proposons 2 types de plumes: très longues avec œil(vous pouvez toujours les raccourcir), plus courtes, sans œil, pour de petites coiffes.

    2,90 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs