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Empire pistols, rifles and baionetts

We propose copies for low prices, made with "looking like" iron and sometimes approximative, they will fit beginners in re-enactment and actors for theatre and even movies. These copies at not at all usable to shoot!

We sometimes find also genuine napoleonic rifles and pistols.
We can ship them to your country, but we don't know your regulations and cannot know all regulations in the world. So inform you before you pass an order. In any case we will keep shipping cost and if your order is kept by custom office, it will be your own problem.

Caution: real SHIPPING COSTS for rifles are quite more expensive than our fixed shipping prices.
You can order it with no additive cost from countries bordering France. For other countries ask us, shipping cost for USA is for instance 91 € and usual fixed price is 45 €, so you have to pay 46 € more.
Use this link to pay,