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Imperial guard infantry grenadier's uniform for captain

  1. 4 047,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time



Detail of prices for a "standard" size:

Jacket for capitaine de grenadier à pied de la garde with turback ornaments, shoulder straps... : 1020 €
Waistcoat with covered buttons : 157 €.
Shirt: 35 €

Peace/war collar : 23€
Long white trousers in cotton : 199 €
Epaulettes for captain of imperial guard: 360 €.
Aiguillettes with eagle aiglets: 279 €
Gorget with buttons : 58 €
Complete bearskin hat for officer in artificial fur ,with cord made in France, white plume 38 cm and pompon : 1010 €
Belt with regulation type plate : 230 €.

Sabre officier de grenadier à pied de la garde: 320 €
Swordknot for captain : 90 €
Boots: 179 €
Légion d'honneur chevalier medal with ribbon.: 87 €