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Mamelouk pistol in his showcase, copy made by Davide Pedersoli

  1. 730,00 €

    Out of stock

Excellent condition, functionnal.
Showcase sold with his key.

An original pistol of mamelouk of Imperial Guard costs some thousands of Euros.
This one is very nice copy, and you can shoot with it, with black powder.
Mamelouk leaded Egypt when Bonaparte arrived in this country.
He was very impressed by the courage of these soldiers and brought some with him in France for his personal guard.
Mamelouks fought in famous battles as Austerlitz.

Pistol calibre 14.5 mm
Color: steel. 1 shot. Silex
Weigh:690 g
Canon length in mm: 190
Approximative length in mm: 330
Approximative heigth in mm: 170
To use with black powder, limited serie: F063/200

Limited serie, only 200 for France.
This one is number F062/200.
Rare people who bought one of these pistols, could buy the other pistols of the limited serie with same number.
This is what the precedent owner did!
So before anyone else buy them, you can buy, with same number, following pistols:
Boutet pistol with his showcase.
Pistol AN IX with his showcase.
Gendarmerie pistol.

Only sold to adults.
As we don't know your regulations and cannot know all regulations in the world.
So inform you before you pass an order.
In any case we will keep shipping cost and if your order is kept by custom office, it will be your own problem.