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Train d'artillerie de la garde. BLADE WITHOUT BLUE AND GOLD, NO ENGRAVINGS. Napoleonic sabre for officer

  1. 140,00 €

    Out of stock

We produced this type without blue and gold some years ago.

Only one for sale, this is the reason why we don't make new pictures just for one piece at discounted price!

Brass scabbard. Specific sabre attributed to train d'artillerie of "Garde Impériale". This very mobile unit was used to help line artillry in most of battles.
TRAIN DE LA GARDE supplied ARTILLERY DE LA GARDE in powder and bullets.

Slightly curved blade 94 cm. Total length 114 cm. Weight (without scabbard): 1 kg, with scabbard: 1,9 kg.

Lame inadaptée à la pratique de l'escrime.