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Uniform: Grande tenue de payeur de la maison de l'Empereur

  1. 4 300,00 €

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After several drafts, we've recreated Peyrusse's outfit, paymaster of the House of the Emperor.
Indicated price is for jacket only without waistcoat and aiglets.

What seduced us in the first place with the paymaster of the House of the Emperor outfit, is its highly unusual aspect.
The Oak leaves' embroidery mixes gold and silver, and the background of the outfit is said to be purple by A. Jouineau, one of the most respectable author. He based himself on a source describing this model seen by a writer of the last century ...
From these informations, a drawing of a purple outfit, embroidered with an alternation of silver and gold oak leaves was suggested
We created a first campaign jacket, echoing the embroidery proposed by A. Jouineau, who seemed a bit dull compared to the rank of paymaster of the House of the Emperor, a general rank...

Then we've created a second jacket, violet again, with an embroidery pattern similar to a general, still with an alternation of gold and silver oak leave.... and then we found a very rare documentation!

First of all, a richly documented book, along with hundreds of plates, which had never been published, the "Deghilage", named after its author who died before his book was published.
In his work, the author included drawings and illustrations of sabretache, duly documented, with informations about the sources.
In fact, the embroidery consists of golden thread chopsticks wrapped around the oak’s silver branches.
Problem: only the embroidery of the waist, collar and cuffs is shown, what about the front of the coat?
Then a collector with whom I shared my research told me that he had the original specifications drawings of the house Picot, embroiderer of the imperial house. The patterns of embroidery of the front are detailed (see second to last photo).
After some research it appears that the outfit of payer of king guard, beginning of the restoration, was sold in 2003 by the study De Maigret, B Croissy expert.
It is the same model as the one of the Empire period.... but blue (see last photo).
In fact, the blue color turns violet with age, hence the confusion of the author who had seen the paymaster general of the House of the Emperor’s outfit, now probably disappeared, in a color that was not the original one.

Here's how we recreate an outfit with sources that seem good at first, but are supplemented by more information documented as in a police investigation. Once gathered the pieces of the puzzle, you realize that you almost have to start from the beginning.

The embroidery is extremely interesting and original.
It turns out that Peyrusse was a faithful among the faithful, he accompanied the Emperor to the island of Elba.
We thought that rebuilding his outfit on the eve of the bicentenary of the 100 days was worthy of interest .... And explaining to our customers how we work, what are our attempts and our sources also seemed worthwhile. We hope that you feel the same.

Frac: 4300 €.
Aiguillette : 279 €
Waistcoat: 850 €