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Uniform of Dorsenne. Chest size 100 cm

  1. 4 000,00 €

    Out of stock

Dorsenne was a dandy, who passed hours everyday to curl his hair and adjust his especially well cut uniforms.

During Essling battle in 1809, 3 horses were killed under him and he was deeply wounded.
In june 1812, he leaded Imperial guard in Spain. He was still so affected by this precedent event that he had to suffer an undergone trepanation...he died some days later.

One of his uniforms can be seen in musée de l'Empéri.
In number 4 of "Soldats Napoléoniens", it is precisely describe..
We prepared this jacket for our exhibition and never assembled it....Finally we did. In the meanwhile we installed a colonel general des grenadiers.

Normal price:
Jacket: 3497 €
Waistcoat without collar: 159 €
Epaulettes: 425 €
Aiguillettes with grenades, goldplated: 279
Légion d'honneur, grand croix : 79 €.

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