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Belt for sword

  1. From 182,00 €

    8 to 12' delivery time


You can choose leather colour, with or without braids on borders.
Length must be measured at level of navel, where belts were used during first empire.

CAUTION. You can choose different types of buckles to close your belt, but ther are not always in stock and some are rarely possible, as type for doctors on picture, just showed as sample.
Contact us to know what is on stock before ordering.
Plain buckles: 2 rectangles linked by one S shape brass piece.
2 round plates linked by one snake shape brasse piece, sold on our website at a maximum price of 32 €.
One rectangular brass plate sold on our website at a maximum price of 32 €.
If you want to use another type, you will pay difference between price of this buckle and 32 €