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Big felt hat, BLACK OR BROWN, to make bicorns, "chouans" hats...etc

  1. 67,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


Make your musketeer's hat in 5 minutes!

Ingredients: a flexible hat, two feathers (peacock's at the moment), a needle and thread.

Stage 1: take your flexible hat (big wide-brimmed hat)

Stage 2: roll one of the edges of the hat and fix with a stitch.

Stage 3: sew feathers, then pull down(reduce) the other edge of the hat and fix with a third and last stitch.

Your hat is ready!

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One size fits all

The skullcap being conical, it can be adapted to all the heads.
It is possible to tighten it by pinching the entrance of head by means of 2 sewings.
Big felt wide-brimmed hat very beautiful quality allowing to realize hats with big edge for a reasonable price and of various historic periods.
Height skullcap : 14 cms
Width of the edge: 20 cms
These dimensions can vary of 1 centimeter.
AT THEMOMENT 2 FREE OLD OSTRICH FEATHERS(one white, one black) OFFERED for any big felt hat ordered