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Carabinier helmet, troop, Empire period.

  1. 620,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Maybe the most beautiful helmet made under the Empire
It would have been a shame not to produce any copy of this very rare accessory, worn by an elite.
Made in brass and steel.

Fits directly for size 58/59. But there is some fabrics between leather and metal inside helmet, only fixed by bocettes.
It means that you can easily take it off and win 1 to 2 sizes, up to 60/61.
If you add a second lay of fabrics you can go down to size 56/57, but if your head size is 55, it will be too big for you.
We did not want to make this helmet bigger, because proportions of this helmet had been too different of those of napoleonic period.
Eventually you can replace by yourself the thick inside with a thinner one, you can gain 2 sizes more

For collection, global shape and aspect are well respected.