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Chasseurs à cheval, Colonel général

  1. From 620,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Based on drawing of "Grand livre du Sacre".
Dark green dolman, scarlet red embroidered pelisse bordered with fur as on painting. Red trousers white gold embroideries and braids, boots in red Moroccan leather bordered with gold, oriental style sabre, sabretache embroidered with Légion d'Honneur. Gold cords.....Nice, isn't it?

Eugene de Beauharnais was one of the colonel généraux of chasseurs à cheval.

Pelisse on these first picture is not the right one, this is one of colonel des chasseurs à cheval de la garde, not for "colonel général".

Price includes all parts of uniform on painting, except boots, decoration, sabre, plumes and plume holder of shako from drawings of coronation.

From top to bottom: colback as indicated:620
Dolman with oak leaves on sides of frogs, collar with 2 ranks of oak leaves, and sleaves extremities with 2 ranks of oak leaves and 5 ranks of braid: 3370
Pelisse with oak leaves on sides of frogs, embroideries on all borders, sleaves extremities with 2 ranks of oak leaves and 5 ranks of braid, white fox as fur: 4310
Trousers with 2 ranks of oak leaves and 5 ranks of braid:1350
Sash in golden thread: 880
Belt in red leather closed by buckles with eagles: 720
Sabretache as soon descrbed: 830