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Colback for " chasseur a cheval de la garde" or hussar - PRICE WITHOUT PLUME

  1. From 510,00 €

    3 to 6 months' delivery time


Used by elite companies of light cavalry and some special corps, for instance sapeur.

For "chasseurs à cheval de la garde": a cord is hanged on a pompon-cockade: orange (aurore) for troop and gold for officers, there is usually no cord....but not always.
Anyway we don't deliver it for chasseur, except if you really want to have it.

For hussars: cord and central pompon .

Made in a dyed fox or racoon fur as close as possible of bear fur.
We avoid to use bear because it is extremely complicated for us to deliver bear fur..
We can also realise colback for sapeur.
Plume is not included in price.
For officers, chain can be replaced by chinscales with gold or silver scales chiseled with laurel leaves and assorted bocettes, stars for hussar, horns for chasseur for an additive cost of 120 €....contact us.