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Coronation cloak of Emperor Napoleon, theater quality. SOLD!

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Copy made for movie and theater.
"N" , bees... are not embroidered but added on velvet.

Made about 50 years ago...some stains on fur, invisible from outside.
It was repaired, braids are sometimes oxidized, however it is a nice quality of velvet, fur is still in good condition except some stains.
It is an impressive reproduction, for Empire fans, but also fans of costumes. "N" on sides and bees spotted on all surface.
Impressive dimensions: maximum length more than 400 cm, maximum width: more than 200 cm. Weight 12,5 kg!

Original collar does not exist any more, we made a new one, in artificial fur, to complete the cloak.
Consider it as a gift, included in whole price.
We also added the great collar made in painted pewter ,except jewel which is a recent copy, crown is made with real laurel leaves (just painted), a baldric, a embroidered belt, quite nice but that suffered from rain, and a dress embroidered with corn ears. It makes a impressive set altogether

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