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Court service adjustment of a captain of the chief of archers of Guard of Francis 1st, Emperor of Austria

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Austrio hungarian uniforms could also be gorgeous.
This is a sample of what could be worn by dignitaries, quite impressive!
The Arcièren Life Guards were founded in 1763 by Empress Maria Theresa as a mounted life guard.
She was considered the foremost of the imperial bodyguards. Its members were senior, deserving officers, and its captain was always a general.
During court service he wore this tunic made of red cloth, which is richly embroidered with gold on the entire front, on the lapels, the lower sleeves and the center back.
This included epaulettes made of gold bouillon, a sash with long golden tassels, a silver helmet with a white buffalo hair tuft, a sabre, white boot trousers and knee-high black patent leather boots. (MKR)
Price with epaulettes.
Copied form a uniform kept in Habsburg museum in Vienna