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Curved brass buttons: 15, 18 and 20 mm

  1. 3,00 €


Buttons almost for light cavalry uniforms.
Made in France

Buttons for "colonel de chasseur a cheval de la garde, Emperor's favourite uniform: you need 14 big buttons(18 mm) in front and 6 for back= 20 (take 2 more in case of loss= 22) and 4(15 mm) for sleeves extremities and epaulettes.
For hussars jackets, in connection with regulation, 2 X 18 or 4 X 18 buttons = 36 or 72 (take 2 more in case of loss) of 18 mm or even 15 mm for officers, central rank is normally occupied by 18 spheric buttons (2 to 3 mm less than lateral ranks). For pelisse use 8 buttons as for sides, for back of jacket.
For red waistcoat of light cavalry, order 54 or 90 buttons, size 15 mm.

20 mm are used for charivaris trousers.
If some sizes and colours are not on stock, they can be sent after 6 to 8 weeks maximum