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Swordknots for colonels, generals and marshalls

  1. From 110,00 €


Now all made in our atelier, with french braid and french stars.
More expensive, but quality is better.
We tried many suppliers, but could not obtain a regular quality.
Gold braid with oak leaves for generals and marshalls, 24 vertical torsades 6 cm long
Can be proposed without stars for a colonel, 2 or 3 stars for a general and also for marshall...

You can choose the braid....But in accordance with what existed during Napoleonic period.
Some options are not possible.

No silver swordknot for Marshall, only Poniatowski could use it, but he died before he was equipped as a marshall.
No silver braid with oak leaves possible, we use "soubise" in silver for generals who require silver swordknots.