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Embroidered boots

  1. For price quote, contact us

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We made embroideries, Mr Biefnot made boots and Frederic Coune made pictures....Nice cooperation!
Priace for boots without embroideries is a bit less than 1000 € (taxes 16,666% included, you won't pay them if you are out of EEC), embroideries, braid and pompon will cost around 400 € .
So, for 1400 €(taxes included) you can have such a pair of boots, we can do other embroideries and use different colours of leather, Empire green for instance.

Biefnot Claude /maitre bottier
Rue grande 70
7330 St Ghislain
Call from France 0032 65 78 04 41/ 0032 65 79 39 39
Call from Belgium 0032 475 654 357

You can also make boots with Euroboots:
Website in English. Owner is British!