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Embroidered decoration of constantinian order of saint georges for cloak: 120 x 120 mm

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Created in 312, according to tradition, real institution was acted by Isaac II Angelo Flavio Commene whose family disappeared in 1697.

Le grand magistère fut ensuite transféré au duc de Parme, de la maison Farnèse jusqu'à l'extinction de celle ci qui entraina le transfert à Don Carlo de Bourbon qui monta sur le trône de Naples.
Le siège de l'ordre fut donc fixé à Naples à partir de 1763.
Les lettres qui figurent sur la croix : I H S V, signifient : "In Hoc Signo Vinces" soit : "Par ce signe tu vaincras".

The direction(grand magistère) was then transfered to duke of Parme, from Farnese family till extinction, and then to Don Carlo de Bourbon who was the king of Naples. Order was then installated in Naples from 1763.
I H S V, mean: "In hoc signo vinces" : "By this sign, you will win".
Greek cross: 120 X 120 mm