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Empire Sabre for French general, vendémiaire an XII style

  1. New

    365,00 €

    2 to 4 weeks' delivery time


We began to work on this sabre 4 years ago.
It is a synthesis of what was produced for generals, in "vendemiaire an XII" style during Consulat and then Empire.
Cock is here replaced by Eagle, symbol of Empire.
Scabbard in blackened steel is adorned with nice chiselled brass accessories.
Blue and gold blade is also adorned by Imperial eagle and trophies.

With this sabre, we offer you, for a very reasonable price, one of the nicest copies of imperial sabre ever done in limited series.
Best copies ever done till now costs at least 1500 €...and are sometimes sold as 200 years old pieces.
Length without scabbard: 98 cm
Weight without scabbard: 805 gr
Weight without scabbard: 1590 gr

Now we pay not only in proportion of weight, but also of volume.
So shipping cost is, most of the time, much more higher than 45 € automatically added at the end of your order.
Please ask us, to know the real shipping cost that you have to pay, before you pay.
Orders that will not respect this information can be cancelled.