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French "hussard de la mort", cavalryman

  1. 2 490,00 €

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Regiment dress, mythical by the brevity of its existence and its so little "French" style.

Hussards de la mort volunteered at the revolutionary period and equipped themselves to fight against the members of the coalition.

This complete uniform was a major symbol of our shop and different exhibitions years long.
We replace some elements.
Mr Gardette - 1,80 m tall - a well known re enactor made it for himself more than 25 years ago.
It looks like a real one, because he used it riding horses, sleeping outside while tooking part to many re enactments.

Price incudes

Emblemed arms dolman troop, chest size 96 cm, with hand made buttons in wood covered with stain.
"Mirliton" cap , size 59 cm, with cockade, plume and flounder lines.
Hungarian pattern breeches, waist size 80 cm.
Ammunition pouch with straps
White belt with rings to hold sabretache.
Sash with moving cylinders.
Sabre made in Poland with a functionnal blade...But after 25 years we cannot replace it if you break it.
Boots, size 42, made at size of precedent owner who is especially slim.
Fits for mannequin, maybe not for you, even if your size is 42.
Mannequin which is a mix of 2 mannequins, feet are half cut to be put inside boots.
Head is pushed inside breast....It has been used like this for more than 20 years, we sell it as it is.
Nice whig with "cadenettes" that can be washed .
All this uniform was made with a great search of highest quality in all details.
Fatigue cap not inluded in price

If we have to send this uniform out of France or Belgium, shipping cost can be very high, especially because of volume of mannequin
We could ask you to pay more than usual shipping cost.