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We bought an old stock.
Some furs are almost 30years old, but all furs on line are in good condition, they were kept in a frig.
All furs that were not in good condition are sold in our atelier.

  • Sheep fur, brown

    Old stock, limited number. 75 cm long minimum
    Nice to make pieces of medieval or barbarian costumes, to border pelisse of poor hussar(peninsula war), to make shabraques, for 1 st world war soldiers to protect them against cold.....


    13,00 €


  • Nice and big ostrich feathers, 40 to 60 cm, incredible price

    We bought nice ostrich feathers from à supplier who used thèmes tout adorn armours somme years ago. Can be used for many different types of decoration


    2,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Foxs' furs, light grey minimum 135 cm

    Very nice fur, length 135 cm minimum, tail included.
    Fur is dense and soft, with heads and paws
    It's a perfect accessory to embellish a medieval or renaissance costume, as a collar or "thrown" over the shoulder...and "Winter is coming".

    159,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Cordon 2mm - cuir noir - le mètre

    Cordon de cuir noir.

    Epaisseur : 2 mm.
    Vendu au mètre.

    1,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Plumes de paon, oeil ou sabre

    Symbole de vanité (et il n'a pas tort l'animal, il est beau), le paon n'a pas toujours eu bonne réputation.
    Mais quelles plumes splendides!
    Nous vous proposons 2 types de plumes: très longues avec œil(vous pouvez toujours les raccourcir), plus courtes, sans œil, pour de petites coiffes.

    From 1,50 €


  • Plumes de faisan, prix a l'unite - copie

    Plumes de faisan, pour chapeaux civils.

    3,00 €

    In stock, shipped within 24 to 72 hrs


  • Ostrich feathers

    Many colours can be supplied.
    If you cannot order one size or one colour, it is only because we don't supply it or we are out of stock.
    For different colours, contact us.
    30-40 cm feathers are more "dense" and strong than 40 cm long feathers.

    5,00 €


  • Ostrich feather 60 cm

    To make panache (plumes) we suggest you an assortment of colors.

    From 3,90 €