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Fusil an XIII used later by garde nationale Louis Philippe, with bayonet

  1. 1 200,00 €

    Out of stock

1st Empire rifle, controlled during Louis Philippe era (1830-1848), to be used by "garde nationale". Wood is stamped with a nice cock. Baionett corresponds to 1822 type rifle. Numerous stamps from a private supplier. All metal pieces have been varnished many years ago and colour is now brown, we began to take off this varnish to show that it is in perfect condition under this lay...but some work remains...we sell it as it is.
Less expensive than a copy and bayonet is included.
Thick canon, everything is working, only baguette to clean rifle is lacking.

Weight: 3,5 kgr, length 141 cm, canon 108 cm.

CAUTION:WE DON'T KNOW REGULATIONS IN YOUR COUNTRY, maybe entry in your country is forbidden for this item.
If you order it and cannot get it later, it won't be our problem any more.

Shipping cost is unusual (length!) for such an item, contact us before you pass your order.