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Habit du général de Lariboisière, commandant en chef de l'artillerie de la Grande Armée, 1812

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From painting of Antoine Jean Gros: "Le général de Lariboisière faisant ses adieux à son fils".
We made uniform of son (carabinier officer), now we dress his father.
General de Lariboisière died some months after his son who was killed during Moskowa Battle, exhausted and devasted by sorrow.

Price details
Jacket lined with red, buttons for general made in France: 1670 €.
Waistcoat lined with red, with buttons for general made in France : 220 €.
Epaulettes with 3 stars regulation type: 430 €
Grand cordon of Iron Crown: 270 €.
Embroidered decorations of Iron crown: 120 €.
Medals of officer of Légion d'Honneur: 99€. and Iron Crown: 120€.
Sash for general de division: 790 €.