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Hussards, Colonel général, Jean-Andoche Junot d'Abrantès...to do for somebody, for you???

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White dolman, dark blue embroidered pelisse bordered with fur as on painting. Blue trousers white gold embroideries and braids, boots in red Moroccan leather bordered with gold, oriental style sabre, sabretache embroidered with Emperor arms. Black embroidered shako, gold cords.....Nice, isn't it?

Painting of Junot d'Abrantès, sold on 24 th novembre 2016 by auctioneer Thierry de Maigret (expert Bernard Croissy).
2 nd illustration from "Livre du sacre"
3rd illustration made by Patrice Courcelle, from d'Osprey Nr 72 Napoleon's commander (1).

Junot was a brilliant general, but was deeply injured and died crazy